Upcoming Committee Hearings on Energy Bills at Indiana State House

Agenda for : House Small Business and Economic Development January 21, 1:30 PM, Room 156D State House, Indianapolis

Chairman : Reske
Vice-Chair : Sullivan
Members :
(D) Blanton, Cheatham, Michael, Robertson, VanDenburgh.
(R) Murphy R.M.M., Clere, Dermody, Messmer, Yarde.

Hearing Agenda:
HB 1415 Tax deduction for solar powered roof vents and fans. (VanDenburgh)
HB 1271 Consignment of art. (Pelath)
HB 1397 Buy American tax credit. (Niezgodski)
HB 1025 Child and dependent care tax credit. (Day)


Agenda for : House Commerce, Energy, Technology and Utilities January 22, 8:30 AM, Room 156C State House, Indianapolis

Chairman : Moses
Vice-Chair : Pierce
Members :
(D) Battles, Blanton, Dvorak, Reske, Stevenson.
(R) Lutz R.M.M., Behning, Frizzell, Koch, Soliday.

Hearing Agenda:
HB 1254 Energy savings contracts. (Thompson)
HB 1669 Geothermal conversion loans. (Michael)

Agenda for : House Agriculture and Rural Development January 27, 8:30 AM, Room 156C State House, Indianapolis

Chairman : Pflum
Vice-Chair : Pearson
Members :
(D) Battles, Bischoff, Goodin, Grubb, Michael.
(R) Lehe R.M.M., Clements, Friend, Knollman, Lehman.

Hearing Agenda:
HB 1033 Livestock waste anaerobic digestion systems. (Grubb)
HB 1217 Corn market development council. (Pearson)
HB 1218 Grain indemnity fund. (Pearson)

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