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Residential Interest in Solar is on the increase

The following is an article from the Shelton Group, a company involved in (among other things) market research in the renewable energy industry.


Energy Pulse: Home Solar Power Given Vote of Confidence

by Pat Lorentz Senior Insight Planner

The push for energy independence is stretching beyond our politicians’ call for natural resource collection on North American soil. In fact, it’s a push that is becoming more popular in homes throughout the U.S. as many homeowners seek to better control their home’s energy consumption and utility costs. What was once seen as an optimistic, yet just-out-of-reach and futuristic source of clean energy, solar power is now being viewed by many homeowners as a legitimate option.

For most, the high costs associated with having a system installed have been a deal breaker. Our recent Energy Pulse™ study, however, shows that a growing number of homeowners are viewing the benefits of solar as outweighing the costs.

For instance, over 30% of our survey respondents said they would be interested in buying their own solar energy system, even if the associated costs reached $30,000. Furthermore, if these same respondents were offered a lease-purchase option, the number that said they would be interested in buying a system for their home increased to 60%.

What isn’t new here is the public’s interest in home solar power. Since the advent of home-based solar collection systems, many – including myself – have stood out in the blazing sunshine of a summer day and wondered why solar panels have yet to be installed on the rooftops of homes, schools and businesses across the country. In the face of terminal supplies of natural resources and the increasing demand for energy independence, a truly renewable and clean source of energy just makes sense.

What is new is the fact that people are increasingly willing to absorb the up-front cost of solar, especially if it leads to assuaging their concerns of energy independence, and helps control their home energy consumption and utility costs.

This is where utility companies have a golden opportunity to work together with their customers who are asking – clamoring, even – for solar. Communicating that there are payment options available that will help alleviate customers’ up-front costs is key. Furthermore, messaging related to the controlled energy consumption and utility costs that come with a home solar energy system will further pique the interest and action of consumers.

Utility companies that act should not be surprised when their customers follow them out into the sun.


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Is the wind tax credit really dead?


Talk of a Wind Subsidy ‘Phaseout’


The wind industry, fighting to hold onto a generous tax credit set to expire in December, has been arguing that it does not need the support forever – just a little while longer, until it can compete with fossil fuels on its own.

The tax break subsidizes wind power by 2.2 cents a kilowatt hour to bring its cost closer to that of conventional fuels, and it has periodically been renewed by Congress with support from both parties. But like other subsidies for alternative energy, it has been tarred in some people’s eyes by the government’s investment in the failed solar company Solyndra and has become a wedge issue in the presidential contest. President Obama wants the credit extended, while Mitt Romney has urged that it expire as scheduled.

But while campaigning on Friday in Iowa, a state with a lot of wind business, Mr. Romney seemed to be opening the door to a different position — or at least allowing himself some wiggle room should a compromise be found. “We will support nuclear and renewables but phase out subsidies once an industry is on its feet,” he said, without offering more specifics.

Opponents of the tax credit say the wind industry is looking for a never-ending hand-out, but some Republicans support extending the credit as long as it includes an explicit phaseout over a set number of years. One of those Republicans is now pressuring the wind industry to propose a detailed schedule.

“It is clear to me that many of my colleagues have become increasingly skeptical of the industry’s claims that wind needs ‘just one more extension,’ to become competitive,” Representative Ann Marie Buerkle of New York wrote last week to Denise Bode, president of the industry’s main trade group, theAmerican Wind Energy Association. “I believe that my colleagues will only support an extension if there is a timely phaseout of the credit.”

Although the association says it is discussing different ways to restructure the credit, it has avoided endorsing a phaseout, saying the industry needs a one-year extension just to stay afloat. Any wrangling over the terms of how the credit might diminish over time should be part of the more comprehensive tax reform effort Congress is to take up next year, said Peter L. Kelly, a spokesman.

“We’ve always said wind energy won’t need a tax credit forever,” he said. “We’re committed as an industry to looking at options for the future of the production tax credit next year during corporate tax reform, when all energy incentives will be on the table.”

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Candidates for Board of Directors

Tom Dolezal is a commercial loan officer at First Farmers Bank & Trust in Tipton, Indiana. He served 5 years in the United States Army, is a Veteran of the Persian Gulf War and a current American Legion Member. He serves the Tipton County community as both a Plan Commission Member and Board of Zoning Appeals Member.

He has been supportive of the local wind energy projects that have been attracted to the county and has worked to develop a solid knowledge of the solar ener

ping my passion towards solar. I was able to learn a lot over the years watching Inovateus Solar grow and shape into what it is today. At a young age, I learned so much about the industry from my father, and I worked part-time throughout high school and college.

Since I just graduated college, I can bring young energy to the InREA BOD. It would be beneficial for the state of Indiana to have a young college graduate involved in InREA to support renewable energy and encourage other young entrepreneurs to support renewable energy. I am motivated and want to help Indiana citizens become more knowledgeable about renewable energy. I have always been social and enjoy meeting new people. Networking has always been very important to me. My current position at Inovateus Solar is distribution coordinator. The position is a big responsibility because I am in-charge of an entire division of the company. I have already started to increase sales and better structure our distribution division.

Promoting renewable energy technologies, environmental sustainability and economic development is extremely important to me and is the backbone of why I am working for a solar company now. I believe InREA does a remarkable job in promoting and educating each of the three. I can help the InREA mission to connect with the public and continue to help grow the economy of Indiana.

Distribution Coordinator for Inovateus Solar – (6/2/12 – current), Part-time for Inovateus Development 2005-2007. Part-time for Inovateus Solar 2007-2011. No non-profit experience, however, throughout school I completed service work with various local communities. Also, my final year of college I completed an internship experience for a political campaign. I assisted Dr. Fred Ferlic and he won the 4th District City Council of South Bend, Indiana.

Thanks for your consideration to potentially elect me onto the InREA BOD. I am honored and feel very privileged to be a candidate. If I am elected, I will do my best to educate and teach Indiana about renewables and keep the community up-to-date.

Victor Thompson, candidate for INREA Board of Directors

Victor Thompson has a long history as a leader in industry and community. He was born and raised in Columbus, Indiana, and graduated from Purdue University (he is a third generation Boilermaker!) with a degree in Metallurgical Engineering in 1982.

After graduation, Mr. Thompson held increasingly responsible positions in Engineering and Operations Management, until he moved into the Renewable Energy sector in 2006, when he took the position of Director of Engineering for Acciona Windpower, a Spain-based manufacturer of large commercial wind turbines.

Under Mr. Thompson’s leadership, Acciona built a state-of-the-art turbine assembly plant in eastern Iowa, and supplied turbines to several large wind farm projects in the US. Thompson moved to Suzlon Wind Energy in 2008, where he managed their field service engineering group and led a large nationwide project to remediate a blade design issue on operating turbines across the country.

Mr. Thompson founded his own consulting practice in 2010, where he specialized in large project management, manufacturing facility startup and component supplier selection and qualification services for several companies in the Renewable Energy sector. Recently, Thompson has accepted a position as VP of Engineering and Project Management with Star Distributed Energy, a renewable energy project developer / owner / operator, located near Fort Wayne, IN. Star is a diverse company, with projects in wind, solar and biogas energy production.

Thompson currently serves on the Board of Advisors for his fraternity chapter at Purdue, as well as serving in a leadership role with his local church congregation and as a past board member for several local non-profit groups, including the YMCA and Little League baseball. He is a longtime member of AWEA and PMI, the Project Management Institute, under which he is a certified Project Management Professional, PMP. He is also a 20 year member of the John Purdue Club and President’s Council at Purdue, and a football season ticket holder.

Thompson feels strongly that the same diverse energy portfolio approach that attracted him to Star Energy needs to be applied to INREA, allowing it to become a much stronger advocate for Renewable Energy in the state of Indiana and to grow its membership to include industry leaders across the Renewable Energy spectrum. His background in industry and community leadership gives him the tools to help lead INREA to this goal. He is ready and able to help grow INREA’s membership, and thus help make it a voice for the Renewable Energy sector in Indiana.

Michael Zdyb 219-647-4151 Office
Director, Regulatory Strategic Analysis 219-616-0230 Cell
Northern Indiana Public Service Co. (NIPSCO)
801 E 86th Ave. Merrillville IN 46410

Work History

Regulatory Strategic Analysis 2010- Current My responsibilities include the program management of NIPSCo’s Feed In Tariff. It is a three year pilot established in July of 2011. I have been directly involved with the filing, settlement meetings and implementation of the commission order. The renewable energy generation projects that qualify for the FIT are Bio Mass, Solar, Wind and new Hydro. Please visit and “click selling your clean energy” on the right side column. I am currently implementing a green electricity rider expected to be available to customer in January 2013. I also manage the net metering program. I support electric vehicle programs as well.

2001-2010 Vice President Business Development, NiSource Energy Technologies (NET)
My responsibilities included the daily management of NiSource Energy Technologies, an unregulated subsidiary of NiSource (NI). NET was a company focused on Distributed Generation technologies and their application within the grid. Micro Turbines and Fuel Cells was our technology focus. This included management of the NET operations, engineering, and project management activities with our customers. We monitored the changing regulatory environments within our market as well as evaluate changing market conditions for natural gas and electricity markets. I marketed and delivered the value proposition of small Combined Heat and Power systems utilizing natural gas consuming emerging energy technologies for the commercial operations of NET. I was the NET sales representative with direct face to face sales activity and supported all market and industry development activities on behalf of NET.

University of Notre Dame Masters Degree in Business Administration
Purdue University Bachelor Degree in Construction Management
Purdue University Associate Degree in Civil Engineering Technology

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