Our Mission

Indiana Renewable Energy Association (InREA) is established for the purpose of representing businesses which produce and consumers who use renewable energy throughout the State of Indiana.

InREA is an Indiana non-profit organization that focuses on service and public education awareness.

InREA will promote the use of renewable energy technologies, environmental sustainability, and economic development in the State of Indiana.

About Indiana Renewable Energy Association

Indiana Renewable Energy Association (InREA) was founded in Indianapolis at Green Way Supply on Wednesday evening, January 16, 2008, on the eve of a hearing on HB 1102 to establish a Renewable Electricity Standard (RES) for Indiana Electric utilities. The hearing was scheduled before the House Commerce and Utilities Committee chaired by Rep. Dave Crooks (D-Washington). Founding members of the association testified in support of this proposed legislation, as well as proposed legislation on net metering and interconnection rules.

InREA was established for the purpose of representing businesses that produce and consumers who use renewable energy throughout Indiana. InREA promotes the use of renewable energy technologies through public education.

Indiana Renewable Energy Association 2013 Board of Directors

The 2013 members and officers of the Indiana Renewable Energy Association Board of Directors are as follows:

PRESIDENT:  Christopher Rohaly, Green Alternatives

President <at> indianarenew.org

VICE PRESIDENT: Steven G. Estes, Star Distributed Energy

VP <at>indianarenew.org

SECRETARY: Eric Hesher, Renewable Energy Systems

Secretary <at>indianarenew.org

TREASURER: Laura A. Arnold, the Arnold Group

Treasurer <at>indianarenew.org 


Tom Dolezal, First Farmers Bank & Trust

Angela Force,  Christopher Burke Engineering

Chris Maher, Energy Outfitters

Mark Oehler, Eli Lilly

Vic Thompson, Star Distributed Energy



Communications:   Vic Thompson

Event Planning:   Chris Maher

Membership:  Laura Arnold

Education Outreach: Mike Zdyb

To contact Officers, use the email addresses shown.  For general inquiries and committee questions, please use  the

info <at> indianarenew.org email address.